It is still surreal to me that I have been to Paris even if it was for just 24hrs. I’ve always dreamt of visiting the city of love, but I didn’t know I would have bee able to go this soon. One of my best friends lives here, and I had not seen her in 9years.

We got into Paris by 6 pm and got settled by 7 pm. I stayed at the

We stopped by the Arc de Triomphe for a quick photo before it got dark, we then headed to the Eiffel tower. I was all for taking the Eiffel tower photo at night because I wanted the morning photo. The Eiffel tower at Night is marvellous but I also saw somewhere it was illegal to post a night photo at Night.

The Eiffel tower was one of the places I did a research on before I left. I would advise people especially bloggers to research sites they are visiting for the right photo spot or the best time for taking a photo.

Every one adviced that I take the Eiffel tower photo during sunrise to get a tourist-free shot.

The next morning, I was up as early as 6;30 and we were on our way to the Eiffel tower.  There were people like wedding photographers who were also trying to get a good shot but half as crowded as it would have been later in the day.

We headed down to the Louvre from the Eiffel tower. It was a Tuesday, and apparently, the main museum is closed on Tuesday so we couldn’t go in. We took some photos outside with the pyramid. We explored the part and was heading back to the hotel by 4pm.we had a train to catch by 5

Next destination was Amsterdam.


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