If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been traveling around Europe with friends. I was invited for a wedding in Rome, and we all decided to make it a seven days trip around the world. In this blog post, I will be breaking down our trip. The countries we visited, the places we went and so on.

It’s going to be a series, as I cannot fit all of it in one post. The first country I will be covering is Italy.


Before we left Nigeria, we already had an order on how we wanted the trip to go. I have to have a plan for everything.

The plan was to get to Rome by 9 am and sightseeing the rest of the city the whole day. Our flight landed by 9 am, but we used about 2hours to get through immigration and get our luggage. We got to the hotel at about 2 pm. We still decided to go into the city, have lunch and site see. We wanted to do as much as we can in Rome because we had to leave for Venice the next morning.

We stayed at the warmth hotel because that’s where everyone from the wedding was stying. The concierge told us some places would have been closed before we get there as the last tour was for 3 pm and we wouldn’t have made it. We still decided to try and see those places. We took the train from our hotel. It’s tough trying to navigate a non-English speaking country so taking the train was hectic.

Our first stop was the famous Colosseum: The Colosseum is an iconic, massive structure. It is the largest amphitheater of the Roman empire and in the world today. It was a premier venue for wild beast shows and bloody gladiator combat. The Colosseum was the number one place I wanted to see in Rome.

We got there at about 3:30 pm and there still had people taking tours. Thankfully, we met a Nigerian that we could communicate with and he directed us to where we could buy a ticket. We bought a guided tour ticket for 17 euros each. The guided tour comes with someone that tells you everything about the place.


We took a cab to the next location which was the Spanish steps. Our taxi dropped us somewhere close to the steps. We wanted to walk through the back streets to experience Rome. We walked through a lot of gorgeous buildings before finally getting to the Spanish steps.

I couldn’t take photos here because it was unbelievably crowded. There were people everywhere.


We left the Spanish steps around 8 pm and walked the back street, entered some store before heading back to our hotel. We were done with day one, and we were exhausted and sleepy. In our eyes, we had seen enough of Rome for one day.



Our flight to Venice was booked for 7:45 am Wednesday, so we were on our way to the airport by 6:30 with barely any sleep.  By 8;45 we already landed in the Venice and had to take a boat to Rome. We decided to take a speedboat which was 30 minutes faster than the transport. We have a return flight by 7 pm, and we had little time. The speedboat got us to St mark basilica by past 9, and we were ready to take Venice.

Venice is a dream; It is a place you can’t put into words.

We stopped at the St marks basilica which is a  cathedral church of the roman catholic archdiocese of Venice. It was already very crowded with tourists and the line for tickets was very long, so we decided not to go. We instead took photos in front of the magnificent building.

Skipping the St mark basilica tour, gave us a lot of time to tour Venice. We walked through the back street and had a quick brunch at a restaurant on the road. I wanted to try the famous Italian pasta(it was meh).

We also stopped for a quick gelato before we headed out to go on the famous gondola ride. After about 20 mins, I was already tired of the ride and decided to take a break(i saw a Zara store). We walked the streets of Venice for some minutes, and because we had a lot of time left, we decided to go to one of the cities close by called Burano

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BURANO(famous for the glass factory).

We got to Burano in 15-20 mins,  we visited some glass shop, had lurched and walked around the city for hours. Burano has some gorgeous colorful building that gives the city its beauty. It’s worth a stop.

We caught a boat back to the airport after a long day of exploring and was back in Rome by 9 pm.

I loved Italy. It was my favourite by far on this trip and I can’t wait to go back and visit for longer. Its a beautiful country with so much history. I had the most fantastic time.

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