H&M is one of the few brands that are fully committed to sustainable fashion with dresses made from nylon waste and fishnets to accessories made from the recycled candlestick. They are using organic linen, cotton, and silk in their new conscious collection.

I first saw the buzz about the conscious collection on Instagram. I looked through it on their website, and I fell in love with this dress. I loved the print and what sold it for me was the sleeve cut. I knew I had to have it!

The thing with this collection is the pieces are really pricey.

The dress alone was one hundred and ninety-nine dollars, which is way higher than the regular h&m price. Even if I did expect a higher price because of the material used, a girl was still shocked.

I decided to buy it anyway.

Apparently, everybody else wanted it because it got sold out by the time I went online.

I decided to check stores in Chicago once I got there but they were sold out instore too.

I randomly went to another store to ask but they were sold out too.  I decided to try on a few things them something happened. While I was trying some things on, someone brought back this dress in a size small! My size! 

The best part?  Returns were fifty percent off!  I couldn’t believe the luck I had. I also got fifty percent off almost everything else.

I  got a four hundred dollars value for two hundred dollars. That’s probably one of the best bargains I’ve ever gotten for something I wanted.

The dress was a bit lighter than I thought it was but I loved it.

It is light and the print is gorgeous!

I decided to style it really simple with casual black shoes and a different turban style than I usually do.

I’ve also been loving this bag from the British brand ‘dans lente’.

I will leave the link to the dress even if they have been sold out for a while but you never know, you might be lucky like I was.

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