When it comes to Nigerian brands, there are only a few I can wear. A lot of Nigerian brands don’t cater to modest women, so it’s usually really hard to get something that works for me. I make it work sometimes if I really do like the pieces or the brand.

Demure by Denike is a brand owned by blogger Adenike. I’ve always loved her style and I found out she has a clothing brand the day she wore a gorgeous wide-legged adire pants made by her. I’ve been eyeing that pants for a while but they had not come out yet. Fast forward to meeting her at the Lagos fashion week autumn/winter presentation did we get talking about her brand. She was currently selected as one of the five fashion focus candidates for LFWNG which is amazing, and I knew I had to support a fellow blogger and designer on her grind.


Dress: I definitely got the pants I’ve been eyeing and I got this gorgeous dress, both pieces made in Adire print. Denike is known for make her pieces in adire print and they are beautiful. I have never worn adire before, this is my first time. It was so exciting putting the outfit together. Love the fit of the dress and of course, I had to wear it with a turtleneck underneath. The frills around the waist area had to be my favorite part of this dress, apart from the fabric itself.

Shoes:  If you keep up with me on insta story, then you know that I broke my ankle months ago. Well, I keep breaking it over and over again and it still hurts a bit.

I got the shoe a few days before I broke my ankle. I was so excited to wear it but after breaking my ankle, all that excitement faded away.

I haven’t been able to wear heels for a while now and when I do, it hurts like hell. I braved the pain for the shoot.

I love the colors on the shoes, it reminds me of the color blocking trend.

Hat:  I got the fedora hat for another look entirely and I was supposed to wear that look to the just concluded Arise fashion week. I have always wanted a fedora hat, I wasn’t sure if I would see a good one in Nigeria but I decided to look for. I got one on Konga and when I figured shipping would be late, I ordered a back up from Jiji. The back up ended up being way better than the first one I got.

I’ve been seeing a lot of scarf underneath a hat look lately. I planned to wear mine with a square scarf, but it had to be switched with to fit look. I’m wearing the Habiba da silva scarf tied in a bun underneath.

Bag: Because there were too many things going on, I decided to keep it simple with a black purse.


 How would you style this dress? Let me know in the comment below.


Dress: Demure by Denike [IG: @demurebydenike]

Hat: Shop here

Bag: Charles and Keith

Shoes: Zara



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