Today is the end of the year 2017, and i must say, it has been an amazing year for me! Alhamdulilah

I decided to do a last minute 2017 gratitude post . I started my brand early this year with a big hiccup and 300 followers and ending it with an awesome brand foundation with 8000 strong followers and customers.

I had a vision that I was able to bring out because of the support I have around me in my family, friends and my Instagram family.
You guys don’t even understand how great it feels to even have one customer talk less over a hundred. I’m not even going to try and feign perfection as I know that we have messed up lots of times. We have delayed orders, we have messed up orders, we have been cursed out and I would like to apologize once again.n If you are reading this and we have messed up your order one way or the order I apologize.We will definitely do better next year. To all my customers that have gotten anything from us .i will like to send you a virtual hug and say a big thank you! You made this baby entrepreneur’s year.

To my hafymo family! Thank you so much for putting up with my awkward self. Putting these outfits together and taking these photos is a lot of work and I appreciate the fact that you guys see the hard work. My page grew this year from five thousand to twenty one thousand Instagram fam. It might not be a lot to a lot of people but it is a whole lot to me! I started making videos very uncertain how you guys will react to it and I was also scared that my anxiety will show through the screen. I barely look into the camera when I started recording from youtube but I’ve gotten way better, I can’t wait to create more videos for you guys!

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I’m not deserving of the love I get every day in my dms and emails but I’m grateful for it.

This year has being a great year so far, I’ve never felt more aligned with my big dream and goal and I hope to get there eventually with your help of course!
Thank you for an amazing year and for all your support! Happy new year loves!

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2017 gratitude post.

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