Last week, I had the most amazing time at the glitz fashion week in Accra Ghana. I was visiting Accra for the first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect but to my pleasant surprise, it was way better than I thought.

I love the city. From the standard airport to the amazing hotel, I was amazed at the level in which they have left Nigeria behind.

Forget the Jollof. At this point, if I hear one more person talk about the Ghana jollof vs Nigerian jollof, they can catch these hands.

Can we compare better things like infrastructures, education etc.?
I met really nice and courteous people and it was an amazing atmosphere to be in and I can’t wait to go back.

Back to the show:
I was there representing the brand “Nuraniya studios”, I was going to supervise and cover the event as she couldn’t make it.
In the process of creating the pre-SS18 collection, I saw the green dress and I was really taken back by the sleeves. That had to be what I was wearing!

The details on this dress are everything, from the color of the dress to the knot detail on the sleeve. You guys know by now that I love extra sleeves. The sleeve on the dress is detailed and extraaaaa!!!
I’m so honored to have worn this dress from the collection first.
I’ve included more photos from this collection belowIMG_7787 IMG_8057 2 IMG_7669 IMG_7787 IMG_8056 2 IMG_8057 2   IMG_8059 2 IMG_8060 2 IMG_8061 2 IMG_8062 2 IMG_8064 2 IMG_8065 2 IMG_8066 2 IMG_8067 2 IMG_8068 2




  1. Love the dress! The colour, sleeves, silhouette. Do you have a view of the back though? Does it have slits? Is it free to walk in

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