When I started blogging, I followed a ton of awesome, amazing and creative people that inspire me.

I use to think they were soo amazing and that I could never get go this level of awesomeness.
I’m still very far away from that awesomeness, to be honest, but everyday something just happens to me that makes me just sit and think for a while.
Perhaps i am underestimating myself, Maybe I can be a good business woman, maybe I can be a successful blogger.
My customers live for the outfits they buy, My blog is growing by the second.
Maybe, just maybe I am good enough!

 When BuzzFeed contact me, the subject of the message was hafymo+buzzfeed. I saw it and shook it off like when did I subscribe to buzz feed again. I decided to open the email and it was an email requesting a feature from your girl. I was ecstatic, Nigerian bloggers all know how hard it is to reach the world, but i’m a Nigerian muslim blogger and it has started happening in just over a year. I sent the feature and waited.

Today i opened the post and i saw little ol me  on the same page as these awesome creatives i started to follow over a year ago. Girls with over 300000 followers. Photographers with amazing skill and talents, Bloggers with big blogs.

One of my fav being Abbasspace ( a photographer and graphic designer ).

That post really made my day and even if it’s just a stepping stone it is a high one and  i can’t wait to continue going hard at this thing called life and break glass ceilings.

I will also like to thank everybody that follows my instagram, my blog, my youtube(not figured that out yet) and everybody that has ever bought and will eventually buy from my line (eloracollection) you guys are everything! Thank you!

I just also want to say Hard work pays! Whatever you are doing, give your 101%.

You might not see results immediately, but you will eventually. Work with what you have, work hard. Read all about this outfit featured in the next post.

If you haven’t read the feature, click this to read.


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