It’s Ramadan and once again i feel like i’m back on track when it comes to my faith and you know how our faith and beliefs ties our life as a whole together,so i feel my life is back on track.
It’s being two years this ramadan since i decided to start covering my hair and dressing modestly and it has being an amazing journey for me Alhamdulilah .
i’m lucky to have the most amazing Family and friends anybody would ever ask for, and i’m ever so grateful for them. i also think blogging has a lot to do with my journey too. The emails and dms i get from you guys keeps me going.
I personally don’t consider what i wear a hijab yet and i hope to eventually get to that stage.
i know some people take time to remind girls that wear turbans about how we “Are not wearing a hijab”! and about how we should just take it off. But i will also like to remind you that your journey is for you and nobody has the right to tell you how to go about it. Don’t let anybody make you feel guilty for wearing a your hair out,for wearing a turban or for wearing a hijab.
Covering your hair and dressing modestly is a difficult journey for a lot of girls, myself included, especially in this age when we all know what the standard of beauty is..

So i’ve been taking time this ramadan to reflect on that part of my life,my faith, why i started covering up,etc..
i will like that part of my life to reflect on the blog so I will be posting more in the faith section about my personal journey through my religion and my struggles.
Although i have been blogging for little over a year now. Its been mainly about fashion(which i love) .
i hope i can get some posts up on that section, because my faith is the most important part of my life and is what shapes me to be what and who i am.
If you haven’t visited the faith section, i have an amazing post that has touched a lot of people make sure you read while you wait for the new posts..



  1. It’s been a while I visited your blog but I’m glad I’m back.

    This post is really inspiring and helpful.

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