We’re a two months into the the new year now, and most of us may be already falling off our resolutions, you might already be feeling stressed, weighed down, or even bored. Maybe you’re worried about what life will look like for you after graduation. Maybe you want to land an awesome job , but can’t find the motivation to sit down and start applying or  you are thinking of starting your own business and entrepreneurship is hitting you hard.
If you need that extra little push or are looking for some inspiration, podcasts are the thing for you. It has works to motivate me in everyday.

My morning routine includes listening to one podcasts from this list.
Here’s a list of six podcasts that will have you feeling motivated like a girlboss.

1.Girlboss Radio with Sophia

IMG_9861Sophia amuruso is the owner of nasty girl,one of the top online clothing store  in america .She is also one of my role models. Due to the success of her book called girl boss she started a podcast cast interviewing women who are world class girl-bosses and has achieved a lot of things in their lives .These women come from different professions and works of life . If you’re looking for one podcast to start out with, who better to listen to than the women who brought the term #girlboss to popularity herself?

Listen Here

2.WOMEN,WORK,WORTHIMG_9864This podcast comes from the creators of Mavenly + Co, an online community all about self-discovery and designing a lifestyle with purpose. Whether it’s about trusting your intuition, budgeting to create financial freedom, finding peace through meditation, or anything in between, this podcast has got you covered. Overflowing with life advice from authors, entrepreneurs, and even doctors, there’s an episode of this podcast perfect for everyone.
Listen here

3.Happier with Gretchen RubinIMG_9863
The theme of this podcast is a simple one: how to be happier. Gretchen Rubin, the bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, offers manageable advice about how to live a happier lifestyle through creating good habits and learning more about yourself. Every week her and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, engage in thought-provoking conversation in various segments such as “Happiness Hacks,” “Try This at Home,” and “Answering Listener Questions.” The actionable tips they provide will undoubtedly leave you feeling happier and ready to seize the day.
This podcasts runs for 30 minutes so is perfect ok your drive to or back from work,school or even right before bed
Listen here

4.The Lively showIMG_9862Jess Lively is an inspirational woman who found a way to truly live out her dream at a young age. She shares her philosophy with others through her blog, online classes, and this podcast. Rooted in the idea of feeling fulfilled by living through value-based intentions, her podcast touches on practically every corner of life. Jess is a world traveler, and along the way, she interviews fascinating and diverse women (and men).
If you’re looking to add some extra intention into your life, this is the podcast for you.
These episodes range from 15 minutes to over an hour, so scroll through her feed and you’re sure to find a podcast that you can squeeze in anytime throughout your day.

Listen here

Next time you’re feeling a little discouraged or unmotivated, give any of these podcasts a try.
Listening to these amazing ladies and their guests will empower you and make you feel like the ultimate #girlboss who’s ready to conquer whatever life throws at you.
I have tried it,it has worked for me ,so why not try it!

*I want to start something on Instagram every Friday called #girlbossmoments
This was inspired by sophia amuruso.
Girl boss moments is basically sharing a time in your week when you feel like you are in control of your life(i know we can be at cross road sometimes). It can be starting your work out routine,Being able to go to work early,following up your routine,getting that employment ,Taking time for family, anything. Sometimes we work soo hard that we take something’s we do for granted,let’s take a sec and take credit! Yes you did that!!
I will start today

My girlboss moment of this week is being able to shoot the new designs for Eloracollection and releasing the.I loved the reaction i got from my customers and i know i did a good job.

What’s your girlboss moment of this week.Please share


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