When they say if you have a dream the only way to go about is not to procrastinate but just start they do mean it, and that’s one of the best lessons I’ve learned in 2016. Just start!
In the past years I’ve opened no less that four different blogs both on beauty and fashion and I’ve never followed through with it because of constant procrastination, fear, and school or maybe it just wasn’t the right time.
I decided to give it another go and open a different blog in January 2016 but with a different idea and since my life had change soo much in the past I decided just to be me and do what I love. That is dress up, take photos, make videos and write.  I’m so glad I did. Being able to build my little community around it that is steadily growing every day is everything and more. I’m so blessed to have such growth no matter how little anybody might think it is.

I blog to inspire, interact and communicate with you about fashion.  My blog is my platform where I can dream and create and connect with like minded. Luckily there are thousands of blogs nowadays, and the market is steadily growing. There is something for everyone and every interest. I love this blog of mine, and I am so thankful to have you here with me.
I can’t wait to continue to inspire you and for us to continue to grow together.


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