Every girl should own an abaya! Well, every Muslim girl should. Abaya is the Arabic word for cloak; it is a simple loose overgarment, worn by women in parts of the Muslim world including Africa and the Arabian peninsula. However, it’s now being worn by every woman. It’s used as a cover up and is a now fashion must have.

There are lots of Abayas to choose from, but when it comes to buying that unique piece, that can be worn over an outfit to take it to another level, this abaya from Elora Collection is the one.

Elora Collection is my modest and affordable fashion label I started a few months ago. I love to create things;especially women clothes, so I started this clothing line that caters for the everyday woman, especially the modest lady.

Back to this abaya. I love all the details on this Abaya from the second sleeve to the beads. It can also be worn open or closed. The color is another thing I’m obsessed with.

I paired it with white pants and white top making sure the abaya steals the show.


Abaya-Eloracollection | Pants- Eloracollection |Bag – similar here 


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