Lagos fashion and design week is finally over and I’m still trying to recover from catching a cold during the week and losing my voice. As much as I loved being in that scene, it’s also kind of overwhelming ,and the fact that they cannot seem to keep to time makes it worse.

I got there a bit late but I managed to take a few photos outside before it got completely dark. Day 2 wasn’t my best photo day but it’s crazy how it just doesn’t reflect on the pictures.

I wore a gorgeous top with cotton candy sleeves and a shirt underneath. I was a bit worried because a lot of people has this top and I really wanted to wear it. I wanted to wear it in a way nobody will think of and since it was an off the shoulder top,i needed to be covered.

I paired this with my pants which were a bottom of my two pieces set I wore in the post and my silver mules from Asos. Day 2’s look was my favorite.





The show:

Day 2 had a list of designers but my fav of the night was Ladunni Lambo, Gozel green, Mofa and Ejiro Amos tarifi. When I choose favs i only choose those who have the ability and the creativity to think outside the box,explore recent trends in their own way.

I liked the use of lace and velvet.I also loved the cut out gozel green’s collection had.

Outfit details

Top: Got it from (Instagram handle; @chipearls)

Shirt: ASOS

Pants : INAYAH

Mules: ASOS



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