I will be attending Lagos fashion and design week this Thursday for the first time as a blogger. The only time I have attended was 2 years ago and that was just to see a show.

My sister’s fashion brand showcased last year and I missed it, but she is showcasing this year and I can’t wait to watch her show.

I’m so excited for the experience and guess what?  I will be vlogging!!I will be making my first vlog at my first real fashion week.

Here are few tips that I will be applying myself as a rookie.

1. DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA(for bloggers like myself). if you don’t have a camera,make sure your phone is fully charged .I will be going along with my sony A6000 camera.its lightweight and has the same function as a dslr.8bfa0f80de56fad9f69d336761dfd179

2. BE COMFORTABLE! I will be wearing flats for the 4days, not because I don’t like to wear heels but because I don’t want my feet to start hurting and then I start to get uncomfortable.
If you must wear heels, make sure it’s something you are very comfortable in or wear a wedge. Wedges are comfortable and still feminine.

3. Be free to experiment with your outfit, especially during fashion week. It’s the celebration of creativity after all.

4. Pre-plan: if you are like me that plan and still don’t end up wearing the outfit, CHANGE YOUR WAYS this fashion week. Be sure to know what to wear at least a night before

5.Always go with your fashion  partner in crime. You want someone to take photos of you.b536ae39f9b5a9ea9e6b6cc03cd07714

That’s all the tips I will be giving,I can’t wait to start vlogging and to share my experience with you guys.

Let me know what other tips I’m missing in the comments.x

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