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I recently received an email from a girl talking about the challenges she faces and how she could not afford pretty clothes ,scarves,shoes and even beautiful skin and it really hurts me to see that someone is so bothered about these little things at a very young age and even if most of it might be seen from the people around her ,i have also noticed that most of this insecurities were mainly coming from the people she followed on social media.

It happens not only with people we follow that we don’t know, but with our own friends and in some cases, family. No one is immune from the ills of jealousy and envy.
This is not a new problem, but with the rise in Instagram, beyond other social media outlets where all you get is one snapshot at a time into someone’s life without much context or a 100 other photographs , it’s much easier to suffer from a twisted view of reality.  social-media

On the flipside, as the person posting that photograph, there’s more pressure to post that money shot – the perfectly edited picture with the perfectly crafted caption and the ability to pick and choose exactly what and how you’d like to portray yourself.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets have fundamentally changed the way in which we socialize – particularly the way we’re perceived by others.

Regardless of your personality type, everyone has a tendency to be affected by the things we see and read on social media. All those images we see don’t vanish from our memory. They set deep into your subconscious and you may start to feel depressed, jealous, resentful or suspicious without even knowing why. We all know and understand the phenomenon, but the question becomes, what can we do about it?iheart-street-art

The answer is simple – KNOW YOURSELF! you have to know yourself and what you can and cannot handle. If you know that following certain people (or group of people), will make you feel anything less than great – don’t follow them. Out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t have that problem but for some reason lately you’ve been feeling a pinch of bitterness – take a break from it all. Reflect on the core of what’s making you feel this way. Ignoring these emotions and continuing to peruse these social media outlets will only make things worse.

The Prophet (S) warned against envy by comparing it to fire that completely burns wood. He (S) said, “Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood.” Jealousy/envy is a disease that manifests impurity into the heart. For those of us posting (I say “us” because I speak to myself  first ), pay attention to your intention. This is key. Why are you sharing that photo? What is the purpose behind your post? If there’s even an ounce of ill-intention, (to show-off, wanting to out-do someone else, make someone lealous etc.) then refrain from posting.

What starts out as an ill-intended post will escalate into something worse, something deeper and harder to eradicate. Examine this ill-intention and dig deep to understand where it is coming from. Study the diseases of the heart and the cures for those diseases and work on ridding yourself of these ills. We must remember that the materials of this life do not make one superior to another.

Allah (S) in His infinite Wisdom has given some people more wealth, intelligence ,beauty, strength, children, etc. than others. This doesn’t take away what Allah (S) has destined for ourselves.

We must be careful as jealousy can cause a person to indulge in disbelief because it causes the individual to feel that Allah (S) has not been fair with him; he forgets all the mercy and blessings which Allah (S) has bestowed upon him.

What are some issues you experience and how do you deal with these issues? Lets discuss in the comments.

Have a blessed Friday my darlings.x

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