Lately,I have been thinking about what it is to be destined.Although I know what it means, I have never given it a second thought until recently. This is my perception of what it means to be destined.

Destiny to me is a big word,it means “Qadr in Arabic”which meaning Allah has decreed everything in the universe according to his prior knowledge and wisdom.
The concept of destiny is so hard to grasp. We control our actions,we make our decisions,we deal with situations the way we want to ,but the result has already been predetermined by Allah.
As Muslims, we are taught that the only thing that can change your destiny is Dua.
With that said, I have come to realise its a total waste of time to dwell in and feel insecure over things that I cannot control or change.
its so easy for us to search for flaws in ourselves.As the saying goes “we are our worst critiques” which is true in every way.We become soo critical of ourselves both physically and spiritually.

It is stated in Q95:4 “Indeed we have created man in the best of moulds(Best stature)”. To think less of yourself or feel inadequate is to Mock the Creation of Allah. He doesn’t Make any mistakes and everything he creates is perfect!
Although it can be hard sometimes,this is something that I seek comfort in.There are periods in our life where everything is wrong ,and problems keep coming at us from every angle. Times when it feels like the world is conspiring against us, and it’s easy to soar into self-doubt or even go into depression.But Knowing the concept of Qadr has given me Freedom.It has given me freedom to be who I am and live my life the way I feel I have been destined to. Most importantly,it had given me freedom from the shackles of “Regrets. I know now, that if things are going wrong according to my plan,they are going right according to Allah’s plan.
I urge you to put your trust in God.He will always look out for you and ensure you ways unfolds in the best way.If you find it difficult,then pay close attention to your life. You’ll notice that a string of events that are seemingly insignificant when standing alone, tied together create something Great .When you feel nothing is going quite the way you planned,please seek comfort in knowing that you are exactly where Allah has decreed for you to be.
That type of comfort allows everything else to make sense and it is everything you need.




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