Hello, Beautiful People. Today I’m  reviewing /testing water permeable polishes from two brands Inglot and Tuesday in love .I’m a bit late with this review but they both just  became available in Nigeria. Some of you might have heard of them but for those that haven’t  and are wondering what the fuss is all about, they are nail polishes that let water go through so they can touch your real nails.You might be wondering why it is a big deal to Muslim women . Let me explain why. Muslims pray five times daily and the requirement to prayer is performing ablution.One of the conditions for ablution is for water to touch every part of the body being washed. This includes the nails. The regular Nail polish obstructs the flow of water to the nails. Hence, many Muslim women choose not to wear nail polishes. Recently, Inglot and “Tuesday in love” came out with a water permeable polish, although there have been series of  tests on both polishes , some people are still skeptical.

Before I go on I will like to note that: I am not a scientist and I have not carried out any scientific experiment on these polishes.I’m carrying out this test as an amateur.

The test was carried out using a paper towel and water but I had rather see the water go through  than let a scientist tell me if it is permeable or not.

I recently purchased both polishes.I got the Inglot from their store at the Palms mall Lekki at (#4000 on sale) and I got “Tuesday in love” at the Essence fun fair from Ashia(Tuesday in love Retailer in Nigeria)on sale for 4200.They are not the cheapest polishes but I’m just going to talk about the quality

Both polishes have pretty packaging, same application brush like every other polish.

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Inglot polish is splendid! Easy to apply dries fast and is easy to remove.it also lets your nail breathe, allow oxygen to pass through.Water?? I’m not sure.

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“Tuesday in Love” is  also lovely, easy to apply but takes too long to dry. It is also peelable which is  awesome.You don’t have to look for a nail polish remover before taking it off. but the disadvantage of this is that it tends to chip easily.



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Unlike the Inglot polish  the “Tuesday in love doesn’t have a strong smell and I love it.I can’t stand the strong smell of nail polishes and nail polish removers.

Tuesday in love also comes with a halal certificate for those in doubt and an instruction on how to test it.halal-certificate-tuesday-in-love


I conducted the test using a tissue paper and water.

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I applied each polish on the tissue, I waited for it to dry and a drop of water on each of them.I messed up the one with the regular nail polish with water that’s why there is no result on that.
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As you can see above fifteen minutes later and I’m still waiting for the water to penetrate the Inglot polish while the “TUESDAY IN LOVE” polish has soaked up all the water almost immediately.                                                                               My test might not be scientific but it’s enough to convince me that the Inglot polish is not water permeable just breathable. But before using please research yourself before you make a decision.

Inglot Lab Test:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNICpXSWd00                                                                    To read more click this link: https://mustafaumar.com/2012/11/is-breathable-nail-polish-sufficient-for-wuḍu/                                                                                                                                                                                      Let me read your thoughts of the “Water Permeable polish idea” Will love to hear your feedbacks Have you tried it?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Inglot breathable polish is available at their store in The palms mall lekki

For Tuesday in love call Ashia Hassan on 08023092271



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