I decided to start blogging again with a whole new different concept and idea because apart from the fact that its a passion of mine, and I love to express my self on the things i love and don’t love , I’m amazed and crazy inspired at how the media has changed the whole idea of modest fashion  and will want to be a part of that change. Although I’m still very new to  the idea of modest fashion even if I’ve been a muslim all my life I would like to inspire other girls as I have been inspired by other bloggers like Dina Torkia, Nooraurora, Nura Lailalov, Nabilabee to mention a few.
Every hijabsta or turbanista that has had to transition from the backless summer clothes to longer sleeves, higher neck lines and more covered clothes know how hard it is to get basic clothes; lets not even talk about clothes from stores in Nigeria.We are all forced to compromise and work with what we have,thats why I decided recently to go into making of cover ups like maxi cardigans so girls that want them can get them readily and In sha Allah I would add a whole range of products as I go.The image of the modern Muslim woman is changing fast, fuelled by the rise of the hijabistas. Thankfully, fashion bloggers and designer have exposed the world to what it means to be muslim and love fashion.
With that said I will like to welcome you to my new blog for the umpteenth time. I will be talking about Faith, my struggle modest fashion, product reviews, my once in a while rant etc.
I hope I get the strength to post often and please don’t hesitate to leave comments or suggestions..x

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Dina Tokio @dinatokio


  1. planning to develop a blog also relating to modest style. i absolutely love modest fashion, woul dbe great for us to work together int he future in sha Allah.

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