There is an Activist part of me that is soo strong and can never die no matter how much I try to silence it.
I’ve always been the one that must talk even if it doesn’t concern me. I’m the Nigerian that will speak on that #Blacklivesmatter #Freepalestine #syria and feel very passionate about it like I live there, so when I see a woman that uses her means to stand up for what she believes in, whether in music, fashion whatever it is. I’m 100% with it.
That is why I think M.I.A is one of the most powerful women in Music!
She is  Sri Lankan/English and she is also an immigrant.


She is the first artist to be nominated for an oscar,Grammy,Brit award and mercury price and has the ability to craft some of the most interesting pop music of this century and continues to shock the public with her controversial and careless lyrics(which I love).tumblr_mzlg08p1ov1r7dsajo1_500

In this Century, where artists are afraid of speaking up and want to be as “Politically correct”as they can be. M.I.A is a breath of Fresh Air.

You might know her from her Music”Paper planes” that blew up in 2008, but I can’t fail to mention one of her best songs and one of my favorite songs of all time “Bad girls” . A big  screw you to her critics.
The video featured M.I.A ghost-riding a Dubai drag racing car while filing her nails.
it’s a statement of both femininity and feminism,A vibrant hybrid of her undertaking to mix both culture and party.

Her current album “AIM” touches Recent issues on everything happening around the world and most importantly things happening with refugees as they don’t get talked about that much.
From the borders to the boats!!

It’s nice and so inspiring to see a woman using her voice fearlessly.

I’m soo inspired by her and her music and I hope this is not her last album like she said.



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